About Us

Well Scan, Inc., is an independent company serving the water well industry since 1978.

Well Scan uses state of the art equipment to provide a live picture of downhole conditions in water wells and boreholes above and below the water level. This gives you a quick assessment of the well's condition, eliminating costly guesswork and reducing downtime. You can view it live on the monitor in the Well Scan truck or review it later from the DVD provided at a more convenient time and place.


As an authorized Sonar-Jet franchise, Well Scan offers this fast and effective method of opening plugged perforations and encrusted screen.


Using hydraulic shock and expansive gas pressure, Sonar-Jet cleans the well and stimulates the formation. The cleaning can usually be performed in a matter of hours and is environmentally safe.

As a statewide independent company servicing Arizona Since 1978, you can count on us for the downhole technology you need!