Well Scan Can


3" diameter COLOR camera for inspecting wells down to a 2400 foot depth with a selection of downward wide-angle view or close-up side scan at any time.


(1 5/8") black and white downhole camera for inspecting wells and boreholes as small as 2".


A quick, effective and environmentally safe method for opening plugged perforation and screen.


It is impossible, by other cleaning methods, to clean the original casing in wells which have liners.
Sonar-Jet cleans through the perforated liner and through the original perforated casing.

Well screen and louvered casing are difficult to clean with a brush. Sonar-Jet can effectively clean screen and louvers.

Acidizing or chemical treatments in the well are needed. Use Sonar-Jet in combination with acidizing or chemical treatments, agitating the water and opening the perforations and stimulating gravel pack and the formation.


The well needs cleaning but time is critical, in most cases Sonar-Jet cleaning can be done in a matter of hours.

The well requires cleaning in only certain areas, Sonar-Jet cleans selectively only at the footages needed.

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