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Our way is quick, accurate, and reliable. We can survey the well from top to bottom with our downhole TV camera.

Take the guess work out of maintenance and repair. Let us provide the accurate information you need to decide with confidence what needs to be done.

Well Scan, Inc., is an independent company serving the water well industry since 1978.

Well Scan uses state of the art equipment to provide a live picture of downhole conditions in water wells and boreholes above and below the water level. This gives you a quick assessment of the well’s condition, eliminating costly guesswork and reducing downtime. You can view your well inspections live on the monitor in the Well Scan truck or review it later from the DVD provided at a more convenient time and place.

As an authorized Sonar-Jet franchise, Well Scan offers this fast and effective method of opening plugged perforations and encrusted screen. Sonar Jet cleaning will clean your well and restore any lost production. Proven in over 40 years of successful service, Sonar Jet is scientifically engineered to reopen plugged perforations and wash deep into water bearing formations.

Using hydraulic shock and expansive gas pressure, Sonar-Jet cleans the well and stimulates the formation. The cleaning can usually be performed in a matter of hours and is environmentally safe.

Boreoptix software

We are now using the Boreoptix data collection software to collect and manage the in the field inspection video and data

Aries BoreOptix saves time and creates more professional, standardized reports. The program provides robust tools to consistently collect and manage in the field well inspection video and data.


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