Well Videos



Our assessment services utilize a 3″ diameter COLOR camera for inspections down to a 2400 foot depth with a selection of downward wide-angle view or close-up side scan at any time.

The camera provides a down and side view with a full 360* inspection


Our assessment services also utilize a (1 5/8″) black and white downhole camera for well and borehole inspections as small as 2″.

Boreoptix software

The industry’s first software application standardizes the recording and reporting functions of well inspections.

Aries BoreOptix saves time and creates more professional, standardized reports. The program provides robust tools to consistently collect and manage in-the-field inspection video and data.

Simple Robust Software Application
  • Essential tools for in-the-field inspection services
  • Affordable acquisition and management of video and data
  • Report generation includes Top View, Detailed Observation List and Defect Snapshots
  • Reports can be emailed or usb stick
  • Easy to read reports, locate problem areas with clear color pictures of your well casing
Sonar Jets

A quick, effective and environmentally safe method for opening plugged perforation and screen.